Event Sponsors

 royalbvi The Royal BVI Yacht Club
The Royal BVI Yacht Club’s (RBVIYC) main objective is the encouragement and training of all forms of safe water sports including, but not restricted to angling, boating, cruising, racing, sailing, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and power boating. As the Member National Authority of ISAF for all sailing in the BVI the RBVIYC has sanctioned the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. The Royal BVI Yacht Club has used its association with the regatta to support youth sailing in the Territory.
 bviccha The BVICCHA
The BVICCHA (Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association) aims to actively promote a positive business and social environment for the benefit of the Territory.  The event has provided economic support to all businesses, hotels and the community.  The BVICCHA uses its funds as an advocate of business, youth employment and commerce in the BVIs.

Together these organizations began the Spring Regatta in 1972 as just a two-day event with a couple of small dinghies racing the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  They have created an event that is the third largest regatta in the Caribbean and the largest sporting event in the British Virgin Islands. They are proud to have been partners as the regatta has grown to one of the foremost sailing regattas in the Caribbean, attracting some of the best yachts and sailors in the world.

The Event Organizers realize that the strength of the regatta can be determined by the quality of the partnerships developed with the sponsors involved.  To this end, they would like to introduce you to the sponsors that have helped make the BVI Spring Regatta a success year after year.

Host Sponsor

 nannycay Nanny Cay Resort and Marina
Nanny Cay Resort and Marina has hosted and supported the territory’s largest regatta and sporting event.”Over the years, we have substantially improved the infrastructure and honed our preparations for the regatta from planning dockage and the supply of reliable electrical and plumbing services, to providing manpower to set up the village,” said Miles Sutherland-Pilch, general manager of Nanny Cay.“In 2004 we created the large beach that acts as the focal point for all the activities.  We built a canopied deck that serves as a stage for the live entertainment and the awards ceremony, and we extended the steps to integrate the pool with the beach and recreation area.  And most importantly, we increased the size of our beach bar last summer!  ”Nanny Cay’s marina has the capacity to accommodate the majority of the participating yachts, which has numbered more than 160.  The boatyard, on-site chandlery, marine contractors and shops also provide the boaters with extensive stock, repair and maintenance services.  A key point of the regatta for sailors, guests, friends and family is the Regatta Village, located on the beach at Nanny Cay. Over fifteen hundred people will be at the village daily during the regatta.  “The village allows us to include all of our sponsor and vendor booths, a huge bar; now including a blender drink, champagne bar and restaurant concession stands,” remarked Lou Schwartz, Village manager for the Regatta committee. Nanny Cay continues it’s commitment to support the event.

Platinum Sponsor

 b BVI Tourist Board
The BVI Tourist Board works to promote the British Virgin Islands for tourists, film and press.  As a long-time partner with the BVI Spring Regatta they promote us at trade shows, boat shows and other tourist related events worldwide.  The Tourist Board also has international offices that assist the regatta in many ways.The BVI Tourist Board organizes the influx of international press as they arrive in the BVIs to capture the essence of the regatta.  For many years, they would place these journalists in teams, grouped by country, on chartered boats to race against each other with the winner receiving Tourist Board top honors.

Gold Sponsors

 heineken Heineken 
Heineken, or the breakfast for sailors, was the second brand from RTW to become a sponsor of the Spring Regatta.  Throughout the years, “Greenies” have quenched the thirst of thousands of who come off the water or down to the beach to be part of all the action.  The regatta committee in their collection and recycling the majority of green bottles created the 2012 and 2015 BVI Spring Regatta awards.  That has helped us become the first Clean Regatta in the Caribbean to receive a Gold Certificate from Sailors for the Sea.  In addition, Heineken had matched funds raised to offset our carbon footprint.  These funds were given to BVI recycling programs to continue the good work of the Green bottle.
 MountGayRum Mount Gay   
Mount Gay rum was one of the original sponsors of the BVI Spring Regatta in 1972, and has been a partner ever since. We thank Road Town Wholesale who has supported the event since its inception with sponsored products like Mount Gay.“The Rum that invented Rum” also invented the coveted Red Cap which started appearing on the racing scene in 1987 and soon became an icon to all sailors from around the world.As we start our next 40 years, Mount Gay will be an active partner at the regatta village.The volunteer bar tenders are given a Mount Gay T-Shirt and some donate enough time to receive a specially made regatta hat.  Each year the regatta village opens with a Mount Gay welcome party which kicks off a weekend of great racing and fun at the village.
 moorings Moorings
The Moorings has been providing yachting holidays worldwide for over 40 years.You can trust them to offer five star service and the most innovative yachts.They provide some of these racing yachts to groups who want to join in the regatta fun.  You can have the enjoyment of warm water and hot racing even if you cannot bring your personal yacht to the Caribbean.
 sol SOL
The Sol Group is a leading petroleum company supplying fuels, lubricants, bitumen and LPG through an extensive service station network. Sol has primary interests in marine, aviation and commercial operations across the Caribbean.Over the years Sol has been part of our mission for a Clean Regatta by supplying spill cloths and displaying green cleaning products and alternatives for boat cleaning.This year they are doing even more: supporting the green initiatives of the BVI Spring Regatta in its quest for gold certification from the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta Program by providing oil spill kits to all race committee boats.  Sol is very involved in the BVI community as they team up with GreenVI and sponsor local youth sailing programs. They will also be sponsoring our reusable skippers bags.
 seahawk Sea Hawk Paints
Sea Hawk Paints is a family owned and operated business established in 1978, dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products to today’s mariner.Their products have been around the Caribbean for many years and their support of the BVI Spring Regatta has grown yearly.  Visit Golden Hind, Nanny Cay and Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor Chandlery for all your Sea Hawk products.

Supporting Sponsors

Sunsail   visit www.sunsail.com for more information

VP Bank  visit www.vpbank.vg for more information

Scrub Island  visit www.scrubisland.com for more information

BVI Government   visit www.bvi.org.uk for more information

Absolut Vodka  visit www.ticobvi.com for more information

Gill   visit  www.gillna.com for more information

BVI Marine Association   visit www.marinebvi.com for more information

Cape Air  visit www.capeair.com for more information

International Motors  visit www.internationalmotorsbvi.com for more information

Suzuki Marine visit www.suzukipr.com for more information

DHL visit www.dhl.vg for more information

Appleby Global visit www.applebyglobal.com for more information

Veuve Cliquot  visit www.caribbeancellars.com for more information

Golden Hind Chandlery    email ghc@surfbvi.com for more information

Clear Water   email chuck@posthell.com for more information

Island Oasis   visit www.islandoasis.com for more information