Nanny Cay Cup | Around Tortola Race





Round Tortola Race
Nanny Cay Cup
March 27, 2018



The regatta will be governed by the ‘Rules’ as defined in the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), except as altered by these sailing instructions. The regatta organising authority (OA) is the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival and the Royal BVI Yacht Club

a) All monohull boats will be rated in accordance with CSA Rules.

b) All multihull boats will be rated in accordance with the Multihull Rating Advisory Committee.

c) The minimum number of crew for each boat will be two, except where class rules state otherwise.

d) RRS 29.1 is changed such that Individual Recalls may be announced by Radio. Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for redress.

e) RRS 44.1 is changed to allow a One Turn Penalty for a breach of Part 2 rules.

f) RRS 52 will not apply.

g) RRS 55 is changed by adding the following sentence to the rule: However, discarding wool bands when setting a sail is permitted.

h) RRS Appendix T will apply.

i) Bareboats: Anchor and chain provided must be carried on board when racing. Anchor and chain only may be relocated from its normal position. This modifies CSA

j) Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority. Bow stickers, when provided, shall be attached near the bow as close to the toe rail as possible.


Yachts may not have an anchor overhanging the bow. It shall be the individual responsibility of each competitor to wear adequate personal buoyancy when conditions warrant.


Notices to competitors will be posted on the official Notice Board in the Regatta Village near the Registration Office.


Changes to the sailing instructions or course will be announced on the Race Channel by the Race Committee. The Race Channel is VHF channel 69.


Class Warning Start Class Flag
Multihull 1000 hrs 1005 hrs Pennant “1”
Bareboat 1010 hrs 1015 hrs Pennant “2”
Cruising 1020 hrs 1025 hrs Pennant “3”
Racing 1030 hrs 1035 hrs Pennant “4”


A time check will be performed on the race channel prior to the first warning signal.


The starting sequence will be in accordance with rule 26. The Race Committee will attempt to inform competitors who are OCS on VHF CH 69. Failure to do so, or failure of a competitor to hear or receive such transmissions will not be grounds for redress. There will be no penalty for late starters.


Start in Sir Francis Drake Channel off of Nanny Cay, in an Easterly direction between an orange flag on the Signal Boat and the course side of a nearby inflatable mark.


  • Navigation mark off Beef Island Bluff
  • Scrub Island
  • Great Camanoe Island
  • Guana Island
  • Steele Point
  • Frenchman’s Cay 


Finish in Sir Francis Drake Channel, off Nanny Cay between the course side of an inflatable mark and an orange flag displayed from the Regatta Village.

All Classes shall sail the same course. The course may be modified or shortened by the race committee. Repetitive broadcasts on VHF CH 69 will notify competitors of any change. Failure to receive a transmission or hail shall not be grounds for redress.

Should the race committee decide to shorten the course, the finish will be between a signal boat flying code flag “S” and a recognizable mark or point of land at either the navigation mark off Beef Island, the eastern tip of Scrub Island, the NW tip of Guana Island or Steele Point. This adds to RRS 32.2.


A yacht retiring shall inform the Race Committee at the first available opportunity on VHF CH 69 or by calling the race committee on +1(284)-540-2077.


There will be a maximum of four classes. Classes may be subdivided for scoring at the discretion of the Race Committee.


A yacht intending to protest must submit her protest to the Protest Desk during the protest time limit. The protest time limit is 60 minutes after the last boat has finished the race in her class. The protest time limit applies to all protests by the race committee and for requests for redress. This changes rules 61.3 and 62.2. For non Part 2 rule infringements, the protest committee may assign a penalty other than DSQ.

For the purpose of rule 64.3(b) the ‘authority responsible’ is the measurer appointed by the organising authority.


Corrected times will be calculated using the CSA rating system for Bareboat, Racing and Cruising classes. Yachts must declare their CSA rating at the time of registration. Corrected times for the Multihull Class will be calculated using ratings assigned by the Multihull Advisory Committee.


The time limit will be 1630 hours for all classes. Boats not finishing within the time limit will be scored TLE and receive a score of one place more than the last boat to finish in her class. This adds to appendix A.


Prizes will be awarded Tuesday at the Beach Bar at Nanny Cay at 1730, or as soon as results are finalized. If those racing Full Moon win the Round Tortola race in their class, awards will be presented on Wednesday at Regatta Village with Full Moon awards at 1730, or as soon as results are finalized.


Prizes will be awarded for each class. Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Race Committee and Sponsors. Competitors are also eligible to compete for the Nanny Cay Challenge offered by the Nanny Cay Hotel and Marina. Record breakers can celebrate with a free dinner at Peg Legs along with up to 15 crew members and a jeroboam of champagne compliments of Nanny Cay. The Nanny Cay Challenge entry fee is waived for this event. Additional information can be found by going to


As a condition of entry into this race the entrant accepts that it is their sole and inescapable responsibility for the management and safety of their yacht, and that none of the Race Committee, the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival, their Officers or Members, Nanny Cay or sponsors shall accept any responsibility for the loss of life or injury to participants or others, for the loss of or damage to any yacht however caused, before, during or after any race. The entrant agrees to be bound by the World Sailing racing rules and the sailing instructions.